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Jun 24, 2015 at 09:21 AM

BW 7.0 to 7.4 upgrade (Developers perspective)


Hello All,

I know this is a very age old topic, I have gone through some blogs etc. to understand the basic differences between Upgrade process (Technical and Functional upgrade)

I also note that the technical upgrade is more of a combination of Basis activity and developers activity.

Technical upgrade is a version upgrade say from 7.0 SP level to BW 7.4 SP9 (say)

In this case, I would like to know what checks (Pre-upgrade and post upgrade) a developer needs to look at.

There is a lot of Bespoke code in our system (how to make sure all the objects are migrated correctly). We are also looking at upgrading ECC to a different SP level. So what happens to all the Data sources (Enhanced and standard and Generic)

One thing is that if the Data source enhancement is done only like using ZZ<fieldname> while creating the include structure, then only it will be taken care by SAP while doing the upgrade.. I would like to know things like that we can correct all such things (atleast maximum of such things) well in hand.

I have added some points here that I know, can you please add the missing points to the list...

Run report RDSR_PSA_NEWDS_MAPPING_CHECK to check all inconsistencies in Data sources after upgrade..

Regenerate all inconsistent BADI'S



To repair compounding Multiprovider run RSCOMPCONS

See several SAP Notes to check SAP standard checks / errors for resolution

Pre Upgrade:

1. Activate all the inactive objects in the system

2. Check the loading performance prior to upgrade.

3. Check reporting performance prior to upgrade.

Post Upgrade:

1. Do the functional testing of the reports. (To check if the reports are running as expected)

2. Check the loading performance after upgrade.

3. Check reporting performance after upgrade.

4. Check inactivated objects.

What other Cut-over activities that I need to look at. What happens to the Data in 7.0 before and after upgrade..Process Chains..etc.

I am thinking, we need to re-initialize all the Loads. (please explain in Detail).

How should I make use of new Info Providers like Composite Providers available in new system...

If we are running on HANA .. Do we need to re-write all the Data source code which is more HANA optimized like replacing simple selects with SQL Script select so that Push down operation is enabled ??

Kind Regards