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Jun 24, 2015 at 05:36 AM

C_TB1200_90 Exam Materials


Hi to ALL

This Month i Applied for C_TB 1200 Certification exam and i Got Approved from SAP Also ..

Now i want some more info About C_TB1200_90

1) if Any has Materials please pass to me

2) any Review Questions please pass to me

3) how many Questions will ask in the Examination and what is the pass accuracy, duration time of exam??

4) C_TB1200_90 or C_TB120091 (which one is best for future ) again future C_TB 120092 is ramp up what is the best one to choose

5)is Mandatory for certification to GET JOB on other Country's (other then INDIA)

6) after succeed Exam , for how many years is validated ( may be valid for only for that particular version only )

Suggestions and Guidelines very Impotent for me ....

Thanks to All for ADVANCE