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Jun 23, 2015 at 07:42 PM

Different IDoc behavior between Dev and Quality


Hello all,

Our team is currently experiencing an issue between our Development and Quality systems.

The system is currently configured to send an output via EDI using output type NEU whenever a PO is changed. This sends out an outbound IDoc that causes the generation of another IDoc which is inbound, and upon processing the Inbound IDoc using BD87, should save the applied changes to the counterpart Intercompany Sales Order of the PO.

This is working correctly in Development. However, in Quality it is behaving differently; instead of saving the counterpart Intercompany SO, it creates a new SO every time an Inbound IDoc is processed.

Comparing how the IDocs are generated in both systems, we noticed that Dev was using the partner profile ORDCHG, whereas Quality was using ORDERS. We assume that it is this difference that is causing the difference in behavior.

However, checking the partner number in WE20, the partner number has both ORDCHG and ORDERS configured with the same Partner Role, Message Function, etc. How does the system choose between ORDCHG and ORDERS and if ever, can this be configured?

I hope my explanation of the issue was clear.

Thank you very much, of course points will be given to relevant answers.