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Jun 23, 2015 at 06:09 PM

TLS 1.2 Support For ECC 6.0


Hello All ,

We have a situation where we have to Establish connection from SAP To External web services running on Protocol HTTPs and TLS V 1.2.

I have went through the note and established all the configuration as need and we are able to connect to that web service on HTTPs and TLS V 1.2. where SAP machines are running on EHP5 and above.


But we have one of our major system running on ECC 6.0 Kernel 700 , according to this note we cannot upgrade Crypto lib to common Crypto lib to support TLS 1.2 because it supports only kernel 7.20 PL88 and above.


You must not use CommonCryptoLib if you are running Kernel releases prior to 7.20 PL88, as CommonCryptoLib is not fully compatible with such old releases. Use SAPCRYPTOLIB 5.5 PL38 in such cases.

But i have to use TLS 1.2 even in lower version of ECC running , because out vendor who serves us that webservice they will not support TLS 1.2 and below due to major security issues.

Please help me understand how should i able to over come this issues , do i really need to upgrade kernel to 720 will ECC 6.0 support kernel 720.

is there a way where in i can run common crypto lib on kernel 700 version.

How do i know the compatibility issues so that i can understand in which areas that would impact our day to day business.


Please help me in moving forward.

Thanks in advance!!