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Jun 23, 2015 at 03:58 PM

Add Infotype 0019 into PA70/71



I have tried using PM01 following the link Preparing an Infotype for Fast Entry of Master Data

But it created ZP001900 Screen-5000 not MP001900 Screen-5000. So I cannot assign screen 5000 for the infotype 0019 in T558Q as it check if MP001900 has screen 5000.

I searched lots and lots of Forums. The answers are not at all specific to my problem.

My Question : Should I use SE51 to copy MPMMMM00-5000 to MP001900-5000? In this case I need access key. Is this the only way?

I assume that PM01 is to add screen 5000 only for the Customer Infotypes and not standard. Is that correct?

Please also share a link with a procedure for creating a new screen (5000) for standard infotype.

Thanks in advance!