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Jun 23, 2015 at 03:30 PM

What SAP module best fit me?


Hi Guys,

I've spent a lot of time reading topics/questions posted on the forums but still had a few questions. I was hoping you guys could help point me in the right direction on how to go about getting my foot in the door with SAP.

A little about me:

- I am US born and raised.
- I have a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from a reputable University in the US.
- I've been working for the last 2 years for a large Fortune 500, as an IT Business Analyst (requirements gathering, implementations, testing. etc.).
- The last year I've been playing the role of "System Administrator" for our company’s eGRC Platform (RSA Archer), in this role I’ve been involved with administrative functions. So my job involves duties of an IT Business Analyst (requirement gathering, implementations, testing), but also duties of an Administrator (supporting the platform, platform testing, application fixes/updates/changes/testing, module/application implementations, etc.).

-Previously I worked for a year as an IT Support Analyst for a consulting firm

I am now thinking about making a switch to SAP since there are more job opportunities in the market for this, however I am not sure on how to go about making this jump. I have zero SAP experience, but I am willing to take official SAP training courses and get certified; for me getting certified is a must, if I am spending the money on courses I want to challenge myself to get certified.

I am open to learning any module, I’ve read up on most of them and I think I would be okay with any of them (since it’s VERY difficult to choose a specific module without having hands-on experience). However, I do not want to jump in a role or module that will require a lot of technical expertise. I would ideally like to be involved with implementations but in a more Business Analyst role (less techy, but communicate with business, requirements, etc.) for a consulting firm. So what role would fit me best? And which modules would best fit my previous experience? I am not looking for definitive answers, but suggestions on modules would be nice; especially those that will remain in high-demand.

Any input is highly appreciated.