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Jun 23, 2015 at 02:08 PM

Hierarchy and multiple value assignments


Hi experts

We have a hierarchy, manually created in BW, characteristic 0CFM_SEC_AC, Securities Account.

The transaction data are based on 0CFM_SEC_ID, Securities ID, and 0CFM_SEC_AC, securities account.

Now the following constellation happend:

node level 1 node level 2 ID ABC XYZ-1 Adidas ABC XYZ-2 Adidas ABC XYZ-1 JP Morgan

The security ID for "Adidas" has been purchased for both node level 2, XYZ-1 and XYZ-2.

If you use the hierarchy in your BEx query with a few formulas and exception aggregation SUM on the security ID, the sum is not calculated correctly.

But this behaviour is standard behaviour as per SAP note 789404 and 460255.

Now we have enriched the master data table of the security ID with two new attributes: node 1 and node 2 and loaded the values of the hierarchy into this table.

If you create the BEx query with these two navigational attributes everything works fine until the point you deselect node 2, you will get the same calculation error.

Are there any hints how to solve this issue?