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Jun 23, 2015 at 02:08 PM

Using MS-SQL Replication for Phased Upgrade from 7.5 to 10.0 MS



We are looking to upgrade SAP BPC 7.5 (MS) to SAP BPC 10.0 (MS) on separate servers. The application is large with a lot of schedules and reports, written in EVDRE/EVGET, etc. As is, some of these may work in BPC 10.0 straight-off, most may not.

There is one AppSet / Environment.

Since a big bang approach (migrating ALL Models to EPM 10.0) in one shot is going to take a lot of time and could be risky in terms of timing, user adoption and the like, the thinking is to have the various Models migrate at different times. To keep the FACT data in sync across the servers, I am thinking of using MS-SQL Replication (Pub / Sub) on the FACT tables to push from the 7.5 server to the 10.0 server.

As an example, assume there are 4 Models, A, B, C, D. Once A is migrated to 10.0, users would use EPM (connecting to the new server) to access 10.0 schedules and reports, while for B, C, D, they would use 7.5 (which will still be connected to the old server).

The SAP BPC 10.0 server would be the subscriber (recipient). (Not sure if I need bi-directional replication)

Maybe someone has done something like this before ... Any ideas? A good idea? Bad idea?

Kind Regards