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Jun 23, 2015 at 12:57 PM

Filter Planned Delivery Cost MIRO


Hi all

I have a customer requirements that I cant find a good solution for.

It is regarding planned delivery costs. The customer maintains freight and customs on purchase inforecord level.

Each time a purchase order is created the conditions are copied to the order lines.

The conditions post an accrual during goods receipt to a GR/IR account.

This is offset through MIRO when the freight and customs invoices are received.

This is all standard.

My issue is how to handle the following scenario:

The freight and customs invoices cover many PO's - and thus many PO lines.

The customer makes an effort and identifies the PO's related to the freight and customs invoices, so they do actually post the invoice against each purchase order.

However my issue is that when they have found the PO's and they bring the planned delivery cost lines up - SAP correctly shows two lines for each PO line - a freight line and a customs line.

How can I easily filter or otherwise provide the customer with an easy way of selecting freight lines and customs lines separately? The freight and customs come on two different invoices, but MIRO will show both in the same screen.

I do not want to maintain vendor numbers on freight and customs condition level in the purchase inforecords.

Are there any options where I can set a filter through SDH0 for example or somehow create a layout the customer can use to filter out freight and then thereafter customs?