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Jun 23, 2015 at 11:33 AM

Inter Company Sales Issue


Hi Experts,

in inter company customizing, trying to see the posting in the vendor company code after Create the inter company invoice. The idoc is generated but the status is 51... so posting was not successful ....

I am getting the following error:

Assigning a new tax key for G2 and VAT 2.500 not possible

Message no. FD008


In Financial Accounting customizing, the tax ID transferred in the invoice is missing so that the system cannot determine a tax code. The system could not determine an entry with the value G2 nor with the value VAT 2.500.


In Financial Accounting customizing, include the external tax ID and a corresponding internal tax code for the present partner.

I have already searched the forum and could not get the solution for the same.I have checked billing document and Tax code as well,Tax Code is Output Tax.

Please suggest how to solve the issue.