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Jun 23, 2015 at 08:11 AM

How to launch NWBC for Desktop from Fiori Launchpad ?



The goal:

From any web browser (let say chrome), on a desktop computer, I want to have a tile that opens a transaction in a NWBC for Desktop windows.

This topic has been discuss for a while in many discussions but as far as I know, there's still no clear answer to this issue.

There are interesting news regarding integration of Fiori within NWBC but I'm more interested into integration of NWBC within Fiori ;-)

Our idea is to use the Fiori Launchpad as the single entry point for all SAP usages (Fiori Analytics, Fiori transactional, BI contents, other websites and also classic dynpro transactions).

Here are how far I can go on this issue.

1- Generate a NWBC URL : using method URL_CONSTRUCT of class CL_NWBC :

2- Create a tile using this URL

Then, test the new tile...

NWBC for Desktop open (need to login manually) and launch the requested transaction.

The problem is that a new empty tab has been opened by the launchpad (the launchpad open a new tab by default for all URL) :

Does any one found another solution to open NWBC for Desktop ?

Thanks in advance !