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Jun 23, 2015 at 01:00 AM

Manage Tab UI behavior differences


I've got two NW IDM 7.2 SP9 systems. On one the SAP Provisioning Framework V2 is version 2015/04/30 13:08:20 $ ($Change: 208795$) and on the other 2014/11/07 15:49:19 $ ($Change: 202958 $).

In the last one, when I use the Administrator account and then the Manage tab, I get a list of persons. When I click on the line of one of the persons, the detail section underneath comes with a panel with tabs such as General Attributes, Account Attributes, Assigned Roles and Provileges, Assigned Groups, Settings. This is very nice as it allows me to see the Manage tab in sort of a Master-Detail setup. I don't need to choose Display Identity as a task.

On the other one (the first one), I don't get this. Only a few meager details with a set of fields underneath each other on the left with some details. (display name, Organizational Unit Text etc. ).

What is going on here, why are the two UIs different? I want the master-detail setup in my newer SAP PFV2 system too. I'm not an expert on UI config, but doesn't the Manage tab come with the UI package that we load into the Java part of the IDM system? Are they different, or did I somehow mess up my UI myself with settings?