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Jun 22, 2015 at 08:15 PM

PR Release with Multiple currency with Account assignment category



Characters created:

1) PR_ACC (Value A,U,S,X)

2) PR_VALUE_US (USD)( value created like >= 500USD and >=0.00USD)

3) PR_VALUE_UK (GBP)( Value created like >= 250GBP and >=0.00USD)

These Three characters i have created , based on this PR release with Classification (Overall), Created Class and created two Groups Z1 and Z2 assigned Same class with Overall release check box (tick)

Release strategy Set as

Z1 R1 if "ACC" A,U,S,X and Value more than 500 USD (Three Codes, Manager, DM, GM)

Z2 R1 if "ACC" A.U.S and Value More than 250 GBP( Manager)

Z2 R2 if "ACC" "X" and value more than 250 GBP( Manager, VP)

1. When i create PR with Value of ACC "U" and 500USD in Z1 group R1 strategy triggred correct.

2 .when i create PR with Value of ACC "U" and 250GBP in Z2 group R1 Strategy triggered correct.

But when changed value 1000GBP then again strategy changed to Z1 and R1 combination Which is wrong!

3 .When i created the PR with value "X" and Value more than 250GBP then also Z1 and R1 combination triggered. why?

check attached screens



Third Strategy.png (18.5 kB)