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Jun 22, 2015 at 07:24 PM

Message no.VL049 How to change warning message to Error for Complete delivery requirement


Hello Experts,

If we check the field complete delivery in sales order the entire items and quantities should be

delivered in a single delivery document.

But its giving a warning message and then allowing for partial delivery.

how to convert into a error message ?

I have already searched the forum and below are my finding-

IN OVM1 there are no any message no. VL049 same in OVAH there is no such message so how to change W to E ?

Further in SE91 i have found VL049 and at programming level we can be change Warning to error which will require ABAPer help but i am not sure that this is correct or not and is this the only wayout left with me.

Please provide your vaulable inputs.


Vikal Arora