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Jun 22, 2015 at 06:51 PM

Receiver Channel HTTP_AAE adatper Exception:HttpAdapterException: ERROR_SENDING_HTTP_REQUEST-Message Processing Failed. Reason :


We are using HTTP_AAE adapter as receiver to send the data to web based application by using URL with HTTPS. It is throwing the following error while sending the data to web based application..

Transmitting the message to endpoint <local> using connection AFW failed, due to: ERROR_SENDING_HTTP_REQUEST-Message Processing Failed. Reason : xxxx

The URL is opening from SAP PI server but not getting the response while doing ping command from command prompt.

Note: The web server was configured in such a way that not to respond to PING command.

We maintained the host file with hostname. Even we tested with ipaddress:port in the url also. It is throwing the same error.

Anybody got this kind of issues?


Sridhar Goli