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Jun 22, 2015 at 04:29 PM

Fiori catalog/group caching issue...


Hi all,

I came across something weird with Fiori and the way it caches things. The answer to my problem was to run program /UI2/INVALIDATE_GLOBAL_CACHES.

This is what happened. This was my first time creating Fiori content in a transportable environment. My first mistake was not including "scope=CONF" in the url for the Fiori configuration. So, I had created my custom group and catalogs but didn't have them in a transport. So, I added the additional information to the url and had to recreate the group and catalog items in DEV. When I did this, all of a sudden my tile had disappeared from the screen. I ran every cache deleting program that I had access to, but none of them did anything for me. I had recreated my group and catalogs at least 3 times, fully deleting them each time and recreating from scratch.

My question is, should the program /UI2/INVALIDATE_GLOBAL_CACHES be put into a batch job and run every night or weekly, or is this something that we have to run after every time we create a change to groups and catalogs? And in each subsequent system after transporting?

Hope this makes sense.