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Jun 22, 2015 at 03:53 PM

Questons regarding Installing SAP NW 7.4 in an already existing server


Hi All,

I want to install NW 7.4 on a server that already has a Java AS and MSSQL and provision manager (older version from last year) installed on it. I have three questions.

  1. Can I install ABAP NW 7.4 as a stand alone and will it integrate with what is already installed or do I need to do something further to integrate it with the existing Java AS and MSSQL?
  2. Can I use provision manager for installing NW 7.4 and will it handle the already installed MSSQL?
  3. The provision manager was installed last year so there is a newer version. Can I simply download the new version and use the executable? Please note that using solution manager is out of the question at this point. Thank you for your suggestions.

Best Regards,