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Jun 22, 2015 at 04:34 PM

SMP MBO Runtime 3.0 SP07 Sync Error Relay Server


Hi All!

I am developing a native iOS application that uses the SMP Object API to connect to a SMP MBO Runtime 3.0 SP07

The application is working perfectly on different SMP installations but is failing on this one 😔

If i connect without relay server all works fine but when I connect through relay I got this error during synchronization (registration is OK):

  • SUPSynchronizeException: Sync failed: -1305 (MOBILINK_COMMUNICATIONS_ERROR) %1:86 %2:400 %3:0;Parameter 1:86;Parameter 2:400;Parameter 3:0
  • onHttpCommunicationError: 86 MobiLink synchronization communication error: 400 (null)

I am connecting to the relay by HTTP not HTTPs

I applied this notes with no good results:

  • 1961812 - mobilink communications error (1305) with page not found (404) during an SMP sync operation
  • 1963314 - SUP/SMP: Synchronization fails on iOS devices over HTTPs with the error "Sync failed: -1305 (MOBILINK_COMMUNICATIONS_ERROR) %1:86 %2:404 %3:0"
  • 2083173 - iOS 8 https sync fails with error -1305 – SMP

I checked that all the components are updated to the last version available: SMP Server, MBO Toolkit, Relay Server and iOS Object API libraries.

You can find attached the log from relay server with verbosity level 4 -> replication.RSOE1.txt

I've attached a screen from mlprof.exe that shows that the server is having some problem sending the data back to the device.

Another estrange thing I found is that the relay server is not showing the version on ..../ias_relay_server/server/rs_server.dll -> Relay Server (version not assessible)

Thanks for the help!