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Jun 22, 2015 at 02:39 PM

Understanding :Initial indexation: different status:


Hi Gurus,

we are using standalone TREX 7.1 Patch 63, working on indexing of GRC documents.

We have triggered initial indexation, it is running more than 3 days and getting failed due to roll memory issue.

applied note: 2179673, now checking our luck. it is running since 2 days.......

I would like to know the following details:

How Indexation done (from R/3(SAP NW ASABAP 7.31) to TREX), is there any flow chart to understand this..

are all the documents information flows OR including the contents also flow to TREX machine? what is the flow?.

1) Could you please share some guide which gives knowledge on a trex perspective of basis Admin.

2) is there any option to run the delta index, since initial index taking time we cannot run initial index again and again.

Thank you in Advance..