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Jun 22, 2015 at 07:43 AM

Determine Account for new condition type ( in Transaction BSV)


Dear SAP Community,

We need to defined a new condition type for eco fee.

When we sell or buy special types of material, we have to calculate this fee to the invoice.

Business requirement is:

1) In Good Receipts: this fee should not be added to the material price. Inventory account should be only credited by the pure material account.

2) In Invocie Receipts: this fee should be posted automatically to a P&L Account (89****)

I set up the condition type as following:

- M/06: condition category: B (delivery costs), accruals

- M/08: pricing procedure maintained with account key ZEE for accruals and freight account

- OBYC: account key ZEE with G/L Account 89****

However, in the Purchase order (with position type X) for a material price 100 EUR, I get the following posting document for the good receipts:

How can I make this 5,00 Eur posted to a separated offsetting account? I don't want it to be posted together to 890000.

G/L Account Description Amount 890000 Product Cost of Goods Sold 105,00 EUR 190201 GR/NI (WERE) Clearing Account -100,00 EUR 89**** Eco Fee PnL Account - 5,00 EUR

When I check in OBYC, the transaction, which leads to the G/L Account 890000, is BSV. What is BSV and when does it appear?

I would be very thankful for your support.

best regards,