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Jun 22, 2015 at 06:03 AM

Log Off URL for BOE/BI


Hello All,

We have an Enterprise Portal system and we have integrated SAP BI 4.1 into this EP env.

The users are able to access BO reports and BI Launchpad through the EP system (SSO is configured). However, the problem we am faced with is as follows -

* User Logs onto EP system

* User Opens BI Launchpad tab through EP which in turn opens Launchpad Home page in a separate browser tab

* User logs off EP system but the BI Launchpad session is still up and running.

How do I ensure that when the user logs off EP, he should also log off BI launchpad as well ?

I found a URL

http://myBOEHost:8080/BOE/portal/ /InfoView/logon/

I can customize the EP Log Off link to log off the BOE session by using the abovesaid URL. However, there is no way I can read BTTOKEN Value of BO system from EP system. Further, simply using the http://myBOEHost:8080/BOE/portal/ /InfoView/logon/ doesn't help as it gives the error -

HTTP Status 403 - ???boetrustguard.TokenCreationFailed???[/BOE/portal/ /InfoView/logon/] ???boetrustguard.TokenCreationFailedValue??? [] ???boetrustguard.TokenCreationFailedMessage???[???boetrustguard.token.missing???]

Tried working around this error by disabling boe trust guard but to no avail. The session doesn't log off.

Any work around or any way to get this issue resolved ?

Thanks & Regards,

Sree Nair