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Jun 22, 2015 at 03:39 AM

Completion of Shipment Delivery not Updated


Dear all,

I am facing a strange problem, and I hope you could help me sort it out.

Basically, when a shipment of material is delivered, it is stored in the LIPS table, as well as in MSEG as the logistics document. Also, the history of material delivery is saved in the VBFA, and the status of deliver - whether it is complete or not in case of delivery via multiple shipments - is placed in the VBUP.

Now, in our case, we receive materials of a Purchase Order (PO) in several delivery rounds (shipments). The quantity of delivered materials is saved in LIPS correctly. Also, in MSEG we can see that the logistics document for each shipment is generated correctly.

However, sometimes when the shipment of a PO, which is usually delivered in several shipments, is complete, the completion status is not updated in VBUP, and therefore, the system still accepts more material for the purchase order. Consequently, this leads to delivery of excessive material to the PO.

As I said, it does not happen all the time. We suspect this to happen when the load of the Prod. server goes dramatically high.

Does anyone have any idea why this happens, and how to prevent this?

Thank you,