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Jun 22, 2015 at 12:56 AM

Child node to equal the sum of Parent node



Is it possible to make the value of "child" node to equal the sum of "parent" node in BEx hierarchy via WebI (BICS connection)?

See below for example

Since we are using BEx Hierarchy (not via traditional UNX), the hierarchy is treated as one object. I haven't work out a way to use IN function or runningsum() to achieve the desire output.

Using Hierarchy.Depth(), Children(), Sibling() or Parent() doesn't seem to work either.

Reason for this changes:

Need to do additional calculation where the child / total parent (see 3rd column above).

Using above sample

Crumbs and Coatings = 10/10 = 1

Helgas Muffins = 12/30 = 0.4

Have anyone come across this issue or know a workaround to it?

Does it needs to be done on BEx query side, if so, how?


Hier Sample.jpg (50.6 kB)