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Jun 21, 2015 at 11:21 PM

PostgreSQL ODBC from Data Services 4.2 on Linux


Hello experts. We are trying to connect our Data Services 4.2 on Linux to a PostgreSQL using ODBC. We are using a PostgreSQL driver downloaded from PostgreSQL site. This Driver is already installed on Linux Box; we can open an ODBC Connection on Linux. Now we are trying to configure DS4.2 to use the DSN (Data Source Name) that we have. Could anybody please be so kind to point me in the right direction? So far this is the configuration we have. Driver Location: Driver=/app/nz/lib64/ ds_odbc.ini [MY_DSN] Description = PostgreSQL connection to SNAPDB Driver = PostgreSQL Database = my_database_name Servername = UserName = My_User_Name Password = My_Password Port = 5432 Protocol = 9.1 ReadOnly = No RowVersioning = No ShowSystemTables = No ConnSettings =