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Jun 21, 2015 at 12:34 PM

Palletization data is not coming from the material master WM1 view in the GR and TO (BULK Storage)


Hello Gurus,

I am posting the GR and TO against with the PO in the Bulk storage process. Here, in the material master, I have maintained the Palletization as per the below:

LE Quantity Un SUT

500 PC BX1

500 PC BX2

I have created the PO with the quantity 1000 PC. But, while processing the GR, system should take the same above Palletization data for 1000 PC. But, it's only taking in GR and TO also as 2 * 500 PC - BX1. It is only taking in this way. It is not at all considering the 2nd SUT for palletization. Is there any specific configuration for BULK storage for palletization.

One more thing, even I have changed the same palletaization data as required during the GR. But, during the TO, still system is considering the palletization as 2 * 500 PC - BX1. Still it's not taking palletization from GR as I have changed in GR and not even from material master.

Am I missing any specific configuration for this BULK process.