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Jun 19, 2015 at 04:36 PM

Problems with encoding when exporting Excel from Webdynpro ALV


Dear experts,

I have a standard table where texts are stored with special characters (latin ones, in my case) in hex coding. The word 'correção', for example, is stored as 'correção'.

Then I created a Webdynpro ALV to show data from this table and magically these texts are displayed with the latin characters, without needing to code any conversion from hex.

My problem is that, when I click at the "Export to Excel" button, the spreadsheet is generated with texts in hex coding (according to the source table), rather than with the latin characters (according to the ALV).

Which class/method or FM should I use to force this conversion?

Is there any other solution I can use to obtain the spreadsheet in the same coding of the Webdynpro ALV?

Thanks in advance!

Marcelo Monsores