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Former Member
Jun 19, 2015 at 01:16 PM

Post with Clearing between B&S GL accounts in New GL


Dear Experts,

We are in new GL and I need to perform Post with Clearing (F-04) between 2 balance sheet accounts.

Specifically, I would like to do an entry to GL 1 in a lump amount without specifying Profit Center

and clear multiple items with different Profit Centers in GL 2.

Consequently, I expect the system to do the splitting in GL 1 automatically.

GL1 and GL2 are defined as Balance Sheet accounts in “Classify G/L Accounts for Document Splitting”,

and I’d tried to use different Document Types with different classification in “Classify Document Types for Document Splitting”,

but no combination worked (I was getting error GLT2201 Balancing field "Profit Center" in line item 001 not filled).

Note: currently we are doing similar entry for GL bank accounts that are classified as “Cash Accounts”

with document type that is classified as “Bank account statement”

-> the system split the lump amount by profit centers automatically.

Can anyone advice what can be done to make Document Splitting work for Post with Clearing between two balance sheet accounts?

Thank you