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Jun 19, 2015 at 11:30 AM

Namespace in X.400 Condition differs from Message Attribute


Dear Experts,

we have following scenario with SAP PO 7.40 - X.400 Mailbox to EDI Separator Receiver / EDI Separator Sender to SAP.

We get all messages from X.400 mailbox at once and then we want to route them according to their sender address. Therefore we set a condition on ContextObject SenderAddress.

Basically this seems to work but ...

Message attribute SenderAddress uses namespace

Condition ContextObject SenderAddress uses namespace

Therefore condition will never match.

We tried to solve this with DynamicConfigurationBean - but this module can only access XI Header Attributes - therefore we are not able to read SenderAddress value from the "wrong" namespace and write in into the "right" one.

If we set the value as a constant it would work - but of course we have to read and set the correct value.

Any suggestions for this oder alternatives ?

Thanks in advance.


Timo Klein