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Jun 19, 2015 at 10:49 AM

IMPORTANT: Personas errors in FF, IE & Chrome.


Hi Guys,

This error has become quite critical now, next week I have joint SAP / Partner client presentation and Personas is still unstable and hanging intermittently and therefore is unable to be demonstrated. I have created a support ticket with High Priority but I am hoping a solution can be found here.

This topic is a follow on from a previous topic I created , I have done a little bit of testing with different browsers since then and I wanted to post some of my findings with the hope that a quick solution can be applied.

Previously, I have tested my flavour on FF and IE.


hangs and produced an error of (Found via firebug debugger)

"TypeError: Argument 1 of Node.contains does not implement interface Node." This error keeps repeating and the screen becomes unusable.

Internet Explorer

The web developer app displays

"Script5: Access denied" A quick google search revealed that this seems to be related to the userappdata folder and the integrity settings. However, as of yet no solution I have tried worked.


I downloaded this especially to test Personas stability and sadly it also hangs here. Except the debugger is much more better.

See attached picture to see what I mean.

Any help would be very appreciated,