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Jun 19, 2015 at 06:57 AM

Apache load Balancing Question


Hi Guys,

We have 2 tomcat nodes with BOE installed (say T1 and T2) and I have installed Apache on one server (say A1).

I have have implemented load balancing using mod_jk.Configured everything perfectly.

However I have some doubts, on whether tomcat load balacing is working properly or not.

When I send request to Apache (http://<apache>/BOE/CMC), its always goes to 'T1' server (i know that because in system field its always 'T1'). When I stop T1, apache pass the request to second server i.e T2.

So i am sure that Fail over is working, but how do I test Load Balancing?

As i said when both the Tomcat servers are up, apache always passes request to TOmcat 1 .

Should it not distribute the request between T1 and T2? Hence I am in a bit confusion whether load balancing is working or not.