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Jun 19, 2015 at 04:07 AM

Consider Pallets visibility in production planning


Hi Experts,

At present we are on SAP ECC EHP6.0 including PP & SCM APO (DP, SNP)7.02, SRM

Very soon going for PPDS implementation, Need your view how we can incorporate Pallets visibility (if possible in APO)

Background :-

Material e.g.

In ECC we have defined Pallet as material “A” - CHEP PALLET

It is not defined at org./location level.

It’s Material Type = ZPLT- Pallet & Packing Material

  1. Gen. item cat. grp VERP Packaging

MM area –

‘Chep’ Pallet is non-valuated but stockable item (Pallet & Packaging material type). Chep Pallets are only procured if need be otherwise tracked through internal movement.

this material code used for tracking the Pallet. The pallets are received in MM inventory storage location under 101 movement type. These are tracked based on requirement as Stock provided to vendor, consignment stock, Pallet storage, FG storage. The pallet with FG material is further transferred to other warehouses based on requirement. The pallets are returned with 102 movement type.

PP area –

Pallets are not part of BOM & were intended for tracking. Further Availability check for the raw materials cannot be activated due to customer’s requirement of raw materials arriving in very short intervals & process order needs to be released immediately for production process.

SD Area :-

Van Sales – When driver moves out of Store gate then Pallet stock is tracked & treated as Consignment stock. When driver returns back in evening then the consignment stock is nullified & stock is moved under Pallet stock. So overall stock is balanced.

Presales – Under this movement sales order is created for FG then one line item is added with Chep Pallet stock & treated as sold. When in the evening final FG conciliation happens then pallets are taken under return through movement type. The stock of Chep pallet is balanced at the end of day

Issue Details :-

In this scenario, now the Chep pallet needs to be taken for PPDS planning where we are expecting to generate a PPDS plan based on real pallet stock for production. If pallets are not available then PPDS should not generate any plan or should suggest when this plan is feasible in that week.

When the daily production plan will be rolled out through PPDS, the system should consider the required pallets availability & generate the plan accordingly.

Please note that we are not using HUM / RFID/WM

Please suggest