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Jun 19, 2015 at 03:53 AM

Data Model for MSDS Authoring with SERC


Hi All,

I am posting on SCN after long time, and I regret for having missed so many great discussions here. 😔

We have set-up following data model for our EHS system, but not getting the desired result of filling all standard property tree values.

  • Mapped all rule sets and database files; expert server is running fine
  • Created raw material & finished product real_sub specifications
  • Performed BOM-BOS.
  • Finished product Real_Sub ‘Exact composition by products’ populated with Raw material Real_sub compositions
  • Maintained Raw material Pure_Sub level compositions for both ‘Exact composition by products’ & ‘Standard Composition’
  • Ran expert rule ZEXP_COMP at finished product Real_Sub level; standard composition for finished product populated with pure substances
  • Loaded List_Sub and UN Listed substance data from SERC
  • Referenced List_Sub to Pure_Sub
  • Loaded Section 9 & 10 data through data templates
  • Assigned UN Listed substance to DG_CL_SUB
  • Referenced DG_CL_SUB with the finished product Real_Sub

Now, when we are running all expert rules one by one at finished product specification level, we are not getting the desired result of
corresponding property tree values filling. Are we missing something in the data set-up procedure or our experts rules are not mapped properly?

Please help.


Pavan Tripathi