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Jun 18, 2015 at 05:48 PM

FTP connection


Hello Gurus,

I would like to load the file from FTP server into SQL server Database. I read some of the threads that it is not a straight

Forward process. We need to do the below following. I am new to Data services .Not sure where to write the code. If it is not straight forward and why there is an option, in the File-Data access tab for FTP Connectivity in Data services. I have gone through the posts, I did not find any step by step documents to load the file from FTP to Target.

Objective: File is in FTP and need to be move to Target (SQL Server). What are step by step that need to be done along with the Code.

  1. 1. Create a flat file format and use it as your target in the data flow
  2. 2. Create a .cmd/.bat script which calls the ftp command with all your actions needed (e.g. change into the correct directory on server and so on)
  3. 3. Use this .cmd script as Custom Transfer Program in your file target or alternatively call the .cmd in a BODS-script after having written the file.