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Jun 18, 2015 at 04:25 PM

Branding Agentry client - pre built database


Hi experts,

We are implementing SAP Work Mgr. 6.2 on iOS on SMP SP07 and are quite close to our go-live date :-). Due to extremely large volume of data in the backend system, we are seeing sub-par initial sync performance and we are working on optimizing the backend query performance already.

I read that there is a way to brand the Agentry iOS client with a pre-built database so that some of the data is not downloaded to the device again during an initial sync. If this is indeed possible, this will save about 4-5 mins off the initial sync and this will be HUGE win for our client.

I have been doing some research on this and am slightly unclear on the approach. - the last response in this thread seems to suggest that there is an option export the db(after disabling the encryption option in the Agentry editor) and use that to build a client with a "pre-built database" - a few responses in this thread seem to suggest that this is not possible


1) Is it possible to using branding and build an Agentry Work Mgr. iOS client with a pre-built database?

2) If yes, is it true that the data included as part of this db will NOT be downloaded to the device during an initial sync as it is already on the device, thereby saving time?

3) Is it possible to include master data AND application data(defitions, rules etc.) into this db file?

4) Is there any document/blog on how to accomplish this? If not, I would really appreciate if you guys could guide us on this.

Any help would be really appreciated!