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Jun 18, 2015 at 04:20 PM

Availability Check in Batch Determination


Dear SDs Experts

I have a situation with availability check in batch determination.

I have the following scenario:

Have a material available quantity 110 divided into two batches, one with 10 and another with 100.

My sales order contains two items for this material one item sold and another subsidized.

In the shipment have to carry out the batch determination for the two items being that.

The first item will consume the amount 10 of the first batch and the second item will consume 100 of the second batch.

The first item is correct, the system makes use of the first batch, but also performs a second consumption of the first batch, the amount being from 10 the first batch and 90 the second batch to generate a problem with the output of goods.

I wonder if you could check the availability of the selected batch in item 10 before determining the lot in item 20 so that the first batch is not selected in item 20.

Best Reguards