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Jun 18, 2015 at 03:12 PM

Web Service Datawindow Update Creation Failure


I have a bunch of web services and they work fine. However when I tried to create a web services datawindow from them by pointing at the WSDL I come across some strange problems. I'm hoping someone can help.

PB 12.5.2 Build 5583 Classic

WCF Web Services- Using all the tricks to get them to SOAP 1.1 ASP.NET format (XML Serialization etc.)

So my web service has four methods, Retrieve, Create, Insert and Delete. I start creating a new web services datawindow in PowerBuilder, and I can select the Retrieve web service method just fine, and I can retrieve data just fine in the painter and in my application. I then open the datawindow and select Rows | Web Service Update..., fill in the wsdl and dll, click Generate, sleect from the first dropdown, then select my Update method from the second dropdown.

If my Update method has only a few parameters the wizard works fine and everything is good. If my Update method has more parameters then when I select it from the dropdown list of methods it doesn't always retrieve the parameters and I have to keep selecting it a few times, switching between it and Retrieve, usually between 5 and 12 times, until it does. If I add even more parameters then I can never get it to work, nothing happens on my PC, the list of columns / parameters in the method is never returned. On a colleagues PC PB crashes every time.

Now remember a web service datawindow acts like a stored procedure update in that all the columns to be updated are passed as arguments to the stored procedure / web service method. The first table I am working on has around 100 columns (our tables tend to be wide). Using a subset of the columns everything works, with all the columns it doesn't.

I have attached the WSDL file I am using. If anyone could please give it a go on their PCs and see if they have the same problems, know what is going wrong, or give me any ideas that would be much appreciated.