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Jun 18, 2015 at 03:16 PM

GRC 10.1 Access Request - Provisioning Logs Not Available for indirect role assignments


Hi everyone,

I'm running into a bit of a strange issue. In the MSMP Audit Log, I'm getting an error "provision log is not available". However, the request is provisioned without any issues and the provisioning log does exist in GRACREQPROVLOG.

The log shows as follows, and only seems to happen when provisioning roles using indirect role assignments.


Auto provisioning activity at end of request at Path ***** and Stage *****

Provisioning log is not available"

I'm currently on SP08, and I can't find any signs of errors. I've checked authorization traces, slg1, and st22. Note 2129750 has also been implemented.

Any idea's on where to look?


Salim Assaf