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Jun 18, 2015 at 03:34 PM

Web Dispatcher Trace: IcrFindTargetSystem: No system found for addr


Hello together,

we've got a problem with our Web Dispatcher (ip adress, Version 7.42.0).

We've configured it to use HTTPS for the administration GUI:

icm/server_port_0 = PROT=HTTP,HOST=servername,PORT=81$$
icm/server_port_1 = PROT=HTTP,HOST=localhost,PORT=81$$
icm/server_port_2 = PROT=HTTPS,HOST=servername,PORT=8443
icm/HTTP/admin_0 = PREFIX=/sap/admin,DOCROOT=$(DIR_DATA)$(DIR_SEP)icmandir,AUTHFILE=$(icm/authfile),PORT=81$$
icm/HTTP/admin_1 = PREFIX=/sap/admin,DOCROOT=$(DIR_DATA)$(DIR_SEP)icmandir,AUTHFILE=$(icm/authfile),PORT=84$$

We also configured two backend systems:

wdisp/system_0 = SID=S01, MSHOST=server1name, MSSPORT=8123, SRCSRV=*:20123
wdisp/system_1 = SID=S02, MSHOST=server2name, MSSPORT=8124, SRCSRV=*:20124

But after logging in to the administration GUI the trace file shows these errors every few seconds:

[Thr 3104] IcrFindTargetSystem: No system found for addr:

How do we get rid of these messages?

There is no target system - it's the web dispatcher itself.

Thank you in advance.