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Jun 18, 2015 at 10:19 AM

Planning strategies and PIR consumption


Hello Experts 😊

Hope you guys will help me with this issue.

We are in a Make-to-Stock environment and use strategy 40.

Forecasts are computed monthly and PIR are equally split on each working day of the month.


Calculated forecast value for February: 40

PIR per day: 2

Ordered quantity on the 3th of Febrary: 15.

The next day, on the 4th, the PIR is still 2 (sale only consuming the PIR of the current day).

I want the system to readapt after an "unexpected" big sale. That is, to consider that 40-15=25 are expected to be sold for the rest of the month and not 40-2=38.

I don't know where nor how to customize it.

Any advice or information would be helpful.