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Jun 18, 2015 at 09:29 AM

Call web service with public IP



We have the following scenario:

- Web Application on a server that is calling a web service in our ERP system - http call.

- We have asked our service desk to open a port for the server ip. Also they provided a public ip with port 7788 that is re directed to private ip with port 8000 (http) - working fine - service desk can see our access and the conversion is taking place fine.

3. The issue comes now that we get no answer from the web service ... if we call the web service in our network (with private ip) is working fine but if we call it with the public IP that is converted to the private ip is not working.

Question is: beside the public ip and port conversion do we need to do something else? on SAP server? Basically our understanding is that once we passed the firewall and the ip conversion took place we are calling the web service with private ip and port.'POST', 'http://X1X.XX.XXX.XX:77XX/sap/bc/soap/rfc?sap-client=XXX', true, encodeURIComponent('user'),encodeURIComponent('password'));

where X1X.XX.XXX.XX:7788 is the public ip.