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Jun 18, 2015 at 09:05 AM

Problems using LSAPI for navigation entries "Invisible in navigation"


Hi experts,

we have following scenario:

We implemented a custom framework page based on the AJAX framework page using the LSAPI to set up the navigation.

For rendering the top-level navigation nodes we use the function:

LSAPI.AFPPlugin.model.getNavigationSubTree(null, renderTLN);

This works fine - we get all navigation entries as expected.

But we have a problem highlighting the currently launched navigation node in a very special case. The landing page (home page) is configured as follows within the users role:

  • Home (role folder -> entry point -> visible in navigation)
    • Home (page -> INVISIBLE in navigation -> default entry for folder)

When launching this role the TLN is rendered and the home page is displayed correctly but the TLN entry is not highlighted!

For highlighting the navigation entries we check the currently selected path retrieved from LSAPI:


But in our scenario the currentSelectedPath contains a navigation node linked to the invisible home PAGE whereas the TLN (getNavigationSubTree) contains the home folder. The currentSelectedPath DOES NOT contation the home folder. Furthermore the home page node within the currentSelectedPath return no parent node using getParent().

So, as the rendered TLN contains the home folder but this is not contained in currentSelectedPath the navigation entry is not highlighted in TLN.

Can you please help me how to highlight?

I also did not found out any other option to get invisible entries in LSAPI to create a workaround...



P.S.:We are working with SAP Netweaver Portal 7.4