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Jun 18, 2015 at 07:26 AM

Binding issue - first record of a deep structured table


Hi Frinds,

I am just trying to bind a text view from a model shown below.Its a Json model.


firstName: "John",

lastName: "Doe",

birthday: {day:"01",month:"05",year:"1982"},

address:[{city1:"Heidelberg1"} ,

{city2:"Heidelberg2"} ],

enabled: true


I have taken 3 test views, I am able to bind first two like this

"text": "{/firstName}",

"text": "{/birthday/day}",

Here i want to bind city1 to 3rd text view. I have tried like "text": "{/address[0]/city}". But it is not working ..

it may be simple but i am not able to do it.please give me your suggestion.