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Jun 18, 2015 at 07:05 AM

Have SAP accept IBAN without maintained bank in BNKA


Hi all,

Is there any possibility to have SAP accept IBANs without any maintained bank for it? I understand this used to be needed to get the SWIFT code to the payment, but more and more banks don't see this field as mandatory anymore.

Now, when entering an IBAN when posting e.g. to a one time vendor, it requires a bank set up in BNKA. The SWIFT field can be empty, but the bank has to have been created. My question if it is possible to not make it mandatory and have SAP accept the IBAN as is?

Reason is, that we need to post a lot of credits to a OTV for which we only have the IBAN number. When posting it results the bank doesn't exist, so first that one has to be created. This generates a lot of work, which in my opinio is unnecessary when the banks only need IBAN.

Thanks for your help,