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Jun 18, 2015 at 12:05 AM

Tax rate not picking properly


Dear All,

I am unable to determine the correct tax rate in the sales order.

We deal with sale of houses marked as Units in Material Master.

Suppose the customer had purchased a house in the year 2012, At that time the ST charged on Certain components was 12.36% & 4%

& VAT charged was 4%. It was coming properly.

So if the customer wanted to sell the house now ,that is he has search a customer to whom he wants to sell then we create a Resale Sales Order with the exact amount (Agreement Value) that was given to him while purchasing in 2012.

and while creating the sales order for the new customer we were picking the Pricing date field from the Old sales order and mentioning here in the new

sales order for the new customer. And the price of the Unit was the same as it was during 2012 along with the Tax Rates.

The company took some reassignment charges as 100/- per sft and the Resale process was happening between the Old and the New Customer.

The excess money on the house was transacted between Old owner and the new owner, and the organisation was not interfering in that regards.

For us the value of the house was the same as when sold in 2012.

But now the problem arised after the Tax rates changed from 01.06.2015. The ST was changed from 12.36% to 14%. and ST of 4% to 5.6%.

Now when we create a new resale process sales order for the new customer and place the pricing date as 2012 it is picking all the price components correctly but the tax rate to be picked as 12.36% is getting changed to 14% and 5.6%.

How to fix this issue.