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Jun 17, 2015 at 02:02 PM

Delivery address in shopping cart: Changing First line item will modify same in all line items


Hi All,

Our SRM system is 702 (SP level 10).

I know that BADI BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI will be used for enhancing the change in the delivery address records.

I have checked here the existing threads for reference and noticed that the FM BBP_PD_SC_GETDETAIL is used to change the address number.

When I checked this with my system, the given FM doesn't exist and when I debugged this Badi I have seen that only the change line item is fetching/calling to this Badi program (IT_PARTNER) and no other line items are retrieved to edit the field (whereas all the line items are retrieved for cost center change).

Requirement is that it is an one time activity that the user will modify the first line item of the Delivery address record manually and the same value will be updated to other corresponding items. I want your help that what is the other FM can be used or the possibility way to modify the new value to all items.

Also please confirm me the component, view name are correct as in the attachment and provide me the method to enhance and it is a post-exit enhancement or not.

Thanks & Regards,