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Jun 17, 2015 at 10:28 AM

Credit Limit Exposure is high


Need help in Credit Management. I have down-payment with milestone billing plan active.

Requirement is that they want to process down-payment before the actual payment is created against the final invoice F2. It works okay up until the final invoice. I create FAZ on the first billing plan item line. (Does not increase the customer exposure limit. OK)

Create 2nd billing plan item line as closing invoice F2. Not OK when I create the billing plan for F2 (No actual invoice was created in VF01 as yet.) Saving that billing plan in VA02 increases the customer credit limit exposure. So shows the order credit limit exposure as doubled.

Even if I process an incoming payment let's say process the 100% down-payment it would reduce half the exposure.

Already tried OBXR clicking on relevant for Credit Limit and not clicking. Still not giving favorable results.



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