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Jun 17, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Postcode anywhere Bank validataion webservice


HI All

I'm having a problem calling the Postcode Anywhere bank validation service.

I have created the web proxy using the .Net wsdl engine.


I connect to the web service ok but when I call the method I'm getting a runtimeerror that says "the returned XML is malformed."

The soaplog is empty.

Sample Data Used:

Name Type Description Default Example Key *StringThe key to use to authenticate to the service.AA11-AA11-AA11-AA11AccountNumber *StringThe bank account number to validate.12345678SortCode *StringThe branch sort code for the account number.00-00-99

This should return a valid response.

Looking at the API documentation

Postcode Anywhere API - BankAccountValidation Interactive Validate (v2.00)

It says that it returns a table and this table can have two different formats. It has a different number of columns if errors occur. I'm wondering how the PB webservice proxy will deal with that as it only shows one response type from the WSDL file.

The questions have are:

1. Has anyone connected to postcode anywhere for bank validation with PB?

2. Has anyone any idea how I can debug / resolve this problem.

PB Version is: 12.5.2 Classic.