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Jun 17, 2015 at 08:21 AM

How to stop mouse click to not highlight button SAP Personas


Hi All

It was hard to describe what I am trying to say but its best explained in screenshots.

What I have found is that if a user is in one of my flavors, in this case PA40 it works fine if you just click in any of the correct fields, in this case I am in the Position field:

If I then click anywhere else on the screen the Green Back Arrow gets highlighted:

If I then press enter obviously this triggers the back function.

Upon looking further, I have hidden the menu button: which does get highlighted if I clicked anywhere on the screen.

My question is how do I stop a button being highlighted when a user uses the mouse to click any area of the screen?

I hope this has made sense!!




pastedImage_3.png (15.2 kB)