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Jun 17, 2015 at 07:03 AM

0CFM_Init_Positions issue


Hi Gurus,

I am trying to extract the data from 0CFM_INIT_POSITIONS and 0CFM_DELTA_POSITIONS.

I have gone through the document on the below link:…

When I checked my system, got the following config there:

Pic 1) Define Infosources for Position Initialization

Pic 2) Define Infosources for Delta Initialization

I have following Questions:

1) Are these entries correct? Or should be there only one entry?

2) What is date of position? I read the SAP F1 help but couldn't understand. Can anybody explain in the simple way.

3) In BW, What is the flow i.e. Infosource, DSO, Cube, Multiprovider? Also 3.x or 7.x?

4) Are there any standard Queries for CFM ? If yes, provide more info.

5) After all the above config I am getting below error while extracting data from 0CFM_INIT_POSITIONS through RSA3.

Short text of error message:
DeltaInfoSource 0CFM_DELTA_POSITIONS is not uniquely assigned to one pos
ition InfoSource

Long text of error message:
The DeltaInfoSource 0CFM_DELTA_POSITIONS is not uniquely assigned
to one PositionInfoSource. This can be caused by the following:
1. It is assigned to more than one PositionInfoSource
2. It is not assigned to a PositionInfoSource
System Response
Processing was terminated.
Assign the DeltaInfoSource 0CFM_DELTA_POSITIONS to exactly one
PositionInfoSource and make the corresponding entry in the table
Maintain InfoSources for Position Initialization
Procedure for System Administration

Technical information about the message:
Message class....... "BWFS_TECHNICAL"
Number.............. 006
Variable 1.......... "0CFM_DELTA_POSITIONS"
Variable 2.......... " "
Variable 3.......... " "
Variable 4.......... " "

Request help.

Thanks in advance.


Niranjan Chechani


init positions.jpg (77.3 kB)