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Jun 17, 2015 at 06:39 AM

One Pur.grp to multiple company code


Hi ,

I have 2 company code like XK01 & XK02

And XK01 has Pur.grp XK1 & XK02 has Pur.grp XK2

I have assigned user EMPLOYEE1 to XK1 Purchase grp,So by
default when I create shopping cart,system determine XK01 company code,Pur.Org
& Pur.grp-XK1

Now I need to create a Shopping cart for XK02 company code
with XK2 pur.grp,So I tried assigning user EMPLOYEE to XK02 company code also
in the org.structure but I got a error saying user employee already has assignment(i.e
XK01) so u cannot assign this user to XK02 also

So I have updated org.structure as mentioned below

Currently pur.grp XK1 has company code XK01 & I have
assigned one more company code XK02 under Company code attribute of the

So now the User able to create SHC with XK01 company code
and plant & XK02 company code and plant

But the problem is still I am able to Pur,grp XK1 only..i am
not able to see Pur.Grp XK2 in the drop down/F4 option

I have also tried below option

For pur.grp XK1 under the resposibilty tab I have assigned XK02 also..

Still I am not finding XK2 pur.grp even though I can see
XK02 company code & plant?

In short my question is how I can assign a pur,grp to
different company code,so that users in that company code can use this pur.grp
also in the SHC?